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    Re: Large Update Nov 20th

    This is ridiculous. This game is garbage right now and its taking them a similar amount of time to patch this game as it took them to release this game 4 years after ps4 was released. What a damn...
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    Fancy golf carts and bear costume

    I saw someone driving around in a convertible corvette looking golf cart. How? Has anyone gotten any rare costume pieces or golf carts from rewards or anything? And where do people get that cute bear...
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    Re: Can i change my region?

    Where does it say what your region is?
  4. Re: Don't get credit for control / backspin

    Does it hit the rough? There was 1 par 3 that didn't always give me credit so tried a different par 3 that always gave me credit. The different was that the second par 3 had a big patch of fairway...
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    Re: Is there a way to get better at PI?

    I would experiment with a few different things.

    -what are you looking at when you are swinging?
    Try staring at the PI point the entire time. If your peripheral vision is... accurate(I guess),...
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    Re: Servers down?

    I'm on the east coast. I couldn't get on all night. I missed my daily gem run! I'd like to blame destiny 2.
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    Servers down?

    I cant connect. is there a place i can check to see if the servers are down?
  8. Re: Location of NPC you need to talk with to get 11th upgrade

    Oh, lol, thanks
  9. Location of NPC you need to talk with to get 11th upgrade

    Can someone tell me what course and by what hole this guy is located? I've been looking around with no luck
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    Re: Playing online?

    Hotshots Fore was such a chaotic mess of success. If I'm not mistaken, that game was the first of the series to go online back when online gaming had gone DSL. I had to buy an adapter for my ps2 for...
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    Re: Custom clubs

    I have no answers for you but I have another question.

    How often do you guys get more than 1 point per upgrade? for example, my first upgrade gave me 3 points into power, then my 2nd and 3rd...
  12. Re: Anyone else having issues with 9/4 daily?

    There are so many people doing the dailys so whatever course is the daily will be lagging. The chance of getting in a daily course is like the chance of your shot going straight after perfect impact...
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    Re: Open Course item location hole (daily)

    What time does it reset In eastern standard time? aka the best time. How do I change my region, my character says it's from the Japanese region,
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    Re: Open Course Item Farming Guide

    Awesome information! Who knows how much time this has saved so many people! OP, you have done a great service for the people that have learned from this post.
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    Things that bother me about this version

    - you can't change then inflight camera angle, or at least not as of yet.

    - the putting and chip ins are suspiciously forgiving, whats up with all the swirlies. I love the 3 click putting and the...
  16. Question about Special rank vs and custom clubs

    I just reached special rank, how do you start the "today's special rank revenge vs character" match?

    How long does it take for custom clubs to wear out?
    Can you only upgrade them 10 times?
  17. Re: Some questions about club levels and tourney play

    Thanks guys, I got another,
    Is there a way to change the camera angle while the ball is in the air?
  18. Some questions about club levels and tourney play

    Does anyone know the max levels for club stats? I just reached L10 backdoor stat on my AW club and that is the max. My driver is L23 power and I was wondering if anyone knows what the max levels are...
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