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    Re: Large Update Nov 20th

    To me it seems like a 2 part daily tournament that you only have one chance at instead of unlimited tries. Not much of an improvement if this is the case.
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    Thoughts on Custom Control Clubs

    In my opinion, the best way to manage custom clubs is to have 3 slots. The first slot should be focused on maximizing power. The second slot should be focused on control. The third slot is used to...
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    Re: Today's update

    Update 1.08 Update contents

    [Open Course] Fixed a problem that information of [Daily Dragon Ranking] of [9 hole play] is not up to date.
    Fixed processing drop during shot gauge operation...
  4. Re: Custom club level upgrades predetermined?

    So if you know the predetermined power for the next 3 upgraded clubs and are unhappy with them, could you upgrade the first set only once, and recycle. Upgrade the second set only once and recycle....
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    Re: Club Mapping Tutorial?

    The part I'm most concerned about is backing up my save files so I can access them after upgrading the clubs. I've never backed up data off my PS4.

    My plan is once I acquire 110 gems back up this...
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    Club Mapping Tutorial?

    Are there any club mapping tutorials? I'm hoping to find a youtube video that shows how to figure out mapping, and how to pull up the prior save so that the 110 gems you use do not overwrite your...
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    Re: Custom clubs

    I'm gonna use them until I have enough for my next set. No sense and wasting all that. 340 driving distance is better than 312.
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    Re: Custom clubs

    The custom club lotto is absolute BS. I spent a week grinding and farming gems to get 110. Out of the 11 upgrades I ended up with one 3lvl upgrade, one 2lvl upgrade, and eight 1lvl upgrade. That put...
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    Re: Custom clubs

    The distance between 20 and 25 won't be a big enough difference to warrant you recycling and starting over. If you're able to get 20+ gems a day, it will only take you 5 days to be able to fully max...
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    Re: Everything Graded Tourney related

    Here's my graded tour wish list:

    1. Expanded grades. With the combination of servers I hope we see G5 through G0.
    2. Tournaments separated by set skills and created players. I hope to have the...
  11. Daily Tournament Prizes and % cutoffs

    I placed 17th out of 30,038 the other day and I got a daily prize for being in the top 5%. I believe the actual % is the top .05%. Is this the very top bracket for prizes? Are there other prizes for...
  12. Re: Some questions about club levels and tourney play

    Does this help with finding gems and coins?
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    Re: Any putting tips

    Assuming your measurements are in feet...

    for every .1 ft the hole is uphill or downhill, add or subtract 1 ft of distance.
    Example: If the hole is 15 feet away and .3ft uphill, hit with 18 ft of...
  14. Re: Some questions about club levels and tourney play

    Max Power is 25, Control is 15 I think, and the rest are 10. You can play a local multiplayer match and choose full stats and it will show you.

    Center entry way will likely be the graded...
  15. Re: New Everybody's Golf game - General Discussion / Hype

    Thanks for the input Sen. I didn't realize graded tournaments were added in after release. For now, I think I will try to accumulate as many coins as possible preparing for online tournaments when...
  16. Re: New Everybody's Golf game - General Discussion / Hype

    So will there be a tournament system like the previous installments? I still haven't seen anything concrete about this.
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    Re: Trophy List Revealed

    Which makes me wonder if it will only be possible with DLC micro transactions.If so that will be very disappointing.
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    Re: Trophy List Revealed

    Holy crap, ace a par 5 for a gold trophy. I think there was only one hole that was even possible on world invitational. I can imagine that will be the hardest to complete. Does anybody else know how...
  19. Re: Grade Tournaments or GF - New Golf?

    And from the following article...

    This time, let's introduce ranking, multiplayer, events that occur in open course.

    Let's aim for the top ranking in the course where the conditions change day...
  20. Re: Grade Tournaments or GF - New Golf?

    This is what I have found from the Japan blog about online play so far:

    <Open Course / Online>
    It is a mode in which you can enjoy playing and communication other than golf as well as competing...
  21. Re: New Everybody's Golf game - General Discussion / Hype

    They have said in a previous article that the basic golf balls or level one golf balls will have an infinite use so you will never have to pay to actually pay. Right now it seems there may be a...
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    Re: New on Japanese PS Blog

    Another thing I thought was worth mentioning.

    Change clubs and balls according to play style!
    As you advance the game, you get a golf club and a ball (gear). Because each performance is...
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    Re: Trad only?

    I hope they have the circle shot. Traditional to set power and advanced to set impact.
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    Re: E3 2017 Live - Sony presentation

    Here is a link to the live thread where they talk about Everybody's Golf. If I didn't link it right, it starts around the 1:34:00 mark. It's all in Japanese and...
  25. Re: Best Option for Purchase Right Now?

    Just wanted to let everyone know I purchased the US version preorder from Amazon. They are currently offering it at $35.49. I also have a prime membership so they were offering an additional discount...
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